The greenwood shady

Deepwood is no ordinary village, the flat dwellers at the Lodge are no ordinary tenants, and there is the matter of two extraordinary gentlemen not of this world at all.


Young love was doing badly in Deepwood as this story begins. But, let’s face it, who can talk of love before talking of Cousin Clarry? Empires might crumble, food be rationed, romance be replaced by glands, but Cousin Clarry could triumph over all! Six years earlier she came to the little English Village of Deepwood to spend a week. Now no one in the village could imagine life without her, and so she stayed.


The eccentric new gardener let the flowers scorch and talked to people nobody else could see.  The gallant captain came back into his own as he stole the clothes of a lovely lady. The hardened hearts of the young nearly broke the hopeful hearts of the not-so-young...until the devil himself stepped in.

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