six impossible things

The Village of Greenhurst, headquarters for the Wayne family, is aflutter with excitement and festivity in anticipation of Miriam Arkwright's coming marriage to an Italian count.


All the Waynes descend on brother Nicholas, including red-headed Julia who had been sent to Italy to become a concert pianist, and returns home not quite sure what she wants to be. She is no longer the child Nicholas remembers, but is still enough of a scatter-brain to mix up her luggage . . . thereby involving Nicholas in the most wonderful love of his life.


The luggage in question ends up in the hands of Elaine Morley, the most beautiful young woman Nicholas has seen in many a year. Elaine, however, to her increasing dismay, is already engaged--to a most determined and quite nasty fellow who refuses to let her go. . .


Julia, so intent on solving the romantic problems of others, suddenly realizes she has not one--but two of her own. One is a new arrival in town; the other, Derek Arkwright, who has always seemed just the boy next door . . . And even Nicholas' rather formidable secretary, Miss Stoker, is caught up in the shower of orange blossoms.


Although that well-known course is certainly fraught with obstacles for everybody, including Miriam and her Count, Mrs. Cadell can handle it all, and does, in her usual engaging, spontaneous, and eminently sensible way.

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