river lodge

When, like Ruth and Roger Mallard, you inherit a large house but no money to keep it up, one thing you can do is turn it into a guest-house. And having made up their minds, the Mallards decided that River Lodge was to be a guest-house of the very best kind. The first week’s guests were specially chosen—or self invited: a rich aunt; a theatrical producer and the lovely Felicity; Felicity’s sister and her twins; a famous artist and the amiable “Goosey” ; the fattest dog in fiction; and a not-so-rich but very comic uncle and aunt—these make up the list of guests at River Lodge’s grand opening. With the guests comes trouble in the form of Roger’s brother, Paul who casts an uneasy shadow over the forthcoming engagement between Felicity and her producer. Felicity has to choose between her former lover and the producer. Once again, Elizabeth Cadell reveals her flair for elegant comedy and her wit and charm with which she guides them through their summer storms, in the true tradition of the English humorous novel.

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